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It is normal to feel the pressures of the modern day expectations that others, and ourselves, put on our lives.

Although it’s normal, it doesn’t mean it’s okay and it doesn’t mean you can’t change things. You are not brave for suffering through the mystery of happiness, you are brave when you take on the mystery and begin the search for your own answers. You don’t have to do it alone, despite what our modern culture tells us. Communication is still the foundation of discovery, and there is nothing more admirable than taking on your discovery with the help of a professional. We go far when we have a confidant in our corner, we go further when we have communicator by our side. I’m as eager to help you find your possibilities as you are to discover them.

3 or 6 months of private mentorship to take you from living on auto-pilot to creating the deeply satisfying life you’ve always wanted

Here’s how I work with my clients

Your Creative Vision

Your needs and desires underlie and motivate the choices you make. You’ll get clarity about what you specifically want and need in your life, and why you really want it. You’ll go through a process to uncover clues about your passions or tap into long-lost ones. We’ll look at the “Wheel of Life” and figure out the areas of your life that are incomplete. You’ll also identify your top 2 needs and develop specific strategies to change your experience in those areas. With this insight you’ll create a blueprint for the dream life or career you’ve been longing for.

Tap into Your Gifts

You have a unique blend of qualities, talents, and strengths, but too often self-doubt creeps in and you’re convinced you’re not good enough to have what you want. Learn a process to turn down the voices of your inner critic and tune up the voices of compassion, strength and wisdom that already reside within you. You’ll be able to tap into your inner wisdom more often so that you can move forward based on your honest guidance. You’ll feel more confidence in yourself and see how your gifts can support you in contributing to the world in the ways you want to.

Authentic Self-Expression

Decide for yourself what it means to live your life, your way. Learn how to sift through the clutter of other people’s expectations and tune into your desires so you can live stronger and with more clarity. Lead a more balanced, holistic life that’s focused on your core values so that you can move beyond any “shoulds” or “have tos” and live from your heart and soul. Let go of the masks and bring your whole self to all parts of your life so you can feel joyful and carefree.

Show-Stopping Stories

Since you were young, you’ve developed stories about your experiences and made decisions that influence your choices today. You’ll become aware of the beliefs and cultural messages that get in the way of your own growth and happiness. Begin to rewrite and reframe them so you can connect with your desires and go after them. You’ll begin to see yourself and your world from a new perspective and feel empowered as you leave old stories and expectations behind and step towards your dreams.

Moving from Vision to Action

It can be challenging to take action and stay in action. You’ll learn a new framework for making decisions that honor who you are and what you want. You’ll learn how to identify possibilities, evaluate alternatives, prioritize your most aligned action, and course-correct along the way. You’ll also learn how to rise above confusion and uncertainty that keep you trapped and indecisive. You’ll make conscious choices and act according to your heart so you can chart your own course.

Self-Care Squared

While you know the value of taking care of yourself, it’s still challenging to put yourself first. Equip yourself with simple self-care strategies to overcome distractions and take action on the most important things. Learn how to double-down on self-care during challenging times. Craft and implement a self-care plan so that you feel more nurtured, supported, and connected to yourself. You’ll see that you can create a life you don’t need a vacation from and get your needs met every day.

Where are you on the path?

I customize your coaching plan based on your needs. Let’s have a chat to see what they are.

Choose your adventure:

3 months

  • 7 calls, 45-minutes – the 1st call will be 90 minutes
  • Meet by phone/Skype/Zoom depending on where you live
  • Email support between sessions
  • Investment: $1400

6 months

  • 13 calls, 45-minutes – the 1st call will be 90 minutes
  • Meet by phone/Skype/Zoom depending on where you live
  • Voxer and Email support between sessions
  • Investment: $2100

The investment is paid through Paypal. I can also set up a monthly payment plan that fits your needs.

The calls are structured and open at the same time. My way of coaching is an intuitive mix of holding space for what is important to you and leading the way through the thoughts, energy, and social conditioning present in your life.

During each call, we’ll move through those layers and you’ll have homework and exercises between each call. You’ll also have access to me through email (and Voxer with the 6-month program) to ask questions between calls.

If this resonates with you, request your call now so that we can get to know each other and see if working together feels aligned for both of us.