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You have the power to stop burnout and take back your life

Here’s the dilemma – you want more for your life, but your life doesn’t feel like your own.

Everything is siphoning your energy – your work, your relationships, Facebook. So many things are competing for your attention. You’re trying really really hard to keep up with it all so that you don’t let any balls drop or let anyone down. You’re doing everything you can for everyone else, but you don’t have any time for you.

No doubt you’ve spent time and money on productivity books and courses and frequent trips to the salon. You’ve probably tried popping pills, rubbing crystals, and sniffing lavender. But when these solutions don’t work long term – if they work at all – you blame yourself, believing you just need to try harder. In the end you feel even more overwhelmed and alone as you wonder “How in the hell is everyone else doing it?”

The truth is, they’re probably struggling just as much as you are, and your struggle is definitely not your fault. Here’s what you’re dealing with:

The Cult of Busyness

There’s so much to do and so little time. There’s pressure to grow and expand and keep up with it all, which leaves no time for you or the people you love. To be busy means you’re productive and important and you’re not just taking up space. You may even brag about how busy you are when people ask how you’re doing. To keep up the pace, you’re constantly on the go, but it feels like you’re spinning faster and faster and getting nowhere.

The Cult of Perfectionism

You strive to be the ideal worker or parent, one who does anything and everything with a smile. You never get tired and you never say no. Everything in your life is neat and tidy: home, health, finances, even your cat’s litter box. There’s no room for messiness or human emotions like sadness or anger. Even though everything looks great on the surface, you feel trapped, tortured and lost. But you worry that people will think less of you if you don’t keep this up.

These are the conditions that contribute to burnout. I know you’ve tried to do more, get more organized, or be more mindful, but it’s not you that’s the problem. The burnout you’re feeling is 80% cultural. Meaning that as our culture demands that we work harder and faster, you’re expected to produce and consume more. If you don’t measure up, you’re told to read a time-management book or attend a training course. The question of why you’re supposed to do more with no support or appropriate financial compensation is not addressed. You simply need to try harder. Be better.

The system is broken. Not you.

What You Need Instead:

  • Clarity about your unique, specific steps to take to turn things around rather than blaming yourself, putting a band-aid on the problem, or pushing it away.
  • A supportive container in which to practice new behaviors, instead of pressure to get over it and get on with things already.
  • Custom, personal strategies to take care of and stay true to yourself so you can be energized instead of drained, supported instead of sacrificing yourself, full of life instead of overwhelmed by life.

Going on a long vacation to Tahiti sounds wonderful. So does giving your boss and that two-faced coworker the finger, or throwing your smartphone into the nearest lake. But it’s not possible for everyone and could quite possibly have some unfortunate repercussions, and before you know it you’re a trending topic on Twitter.

So what’s the solution… just deal with things as they are? Consume more energy drinks? Absolutely not, because you deserve to have a life of more joy and satisfaction. One that is more sustainable and supportive of who you are and what matters to you. It’s time to embrace that, and ditch the Red Bull.

Let’s get out of burnout and overwhelm and get your life back.

All the things you were told you were supposed to do has led you to a place of exhaustion, sleepless nights, and feeling anxious and sick in your stomach when you look at your crammed to-do list. We need a new way of looking at these things. We need a new way of looking at your life so that you can enjoy the time you have in you on this planet, understand what it is that you want, and move away from stress and burnout so you can live your life on your terms.

This program is for you if:

You’re at the end of your rope

You realize “work-life balance” is bullshit

Your lunch breaks are getting longer and longer, if you have them at all

You secretly fantasize about getting sick and going to the hospital for a “rest”

Your to-do list has a life of its own

You wake up in the mornings feeling dread about the day ahead

Every day is Wine Down Wednesday

You realize that if something doesn’t change soon, you really will wind up in the hospital, or your work and relationships will suffer... if they're not already

Here’s a sample of what’s possible when you show up fully and commit to the process of healing from burnout

  • Discover what you really want and need
  • Regain more focus and control in your life
  • Set healthy boundaries and say No without guilt
  • Take care of yourself and others without sacrificing your well-being
  • Give yourself permission to enjoy leisure and downtime, and do it as if your doctor told you so

  • Get things done without pushing or striving
  • Redefine success and happiness on your terms
  • Refuel your tank, even in the midst of a busy time
  • Become increasingly rooted and grounded in who you really are
  • Step into your purpose and dreams and have the courage to act on them

Hi, I’m Felicia Baucom, and I’m a certified coach and mentor. I specialize in helping womxn get off the train that’s hurtling towards burnout. I help them redesign their lives so that they can protect themselves from the effects of stress and overwhelm, and have a life that is filled with joy and satisfaction on their own terms. And without having to burn their existing life to the ground… unless they want to. I do this through one-on-one coaching and corporate workshops. I integrate my knowledge of systemic issues with personal development so that you understand how they both interact and create conditions for burnout. We’ll look at the root causes and develop strategies to navigate the world with more confidence and ease, and create a more sustainable life.

It is Felicia's ability to steer thoughts away from where I was to where I want to be which is one of the greatest gifts, we become so entangled in our 'issues that we forget how to think a little further. Also working with someone who was exactly where I was and have successfully made the transition to creating a life around her talent and vision was really inspiring and gave me the confidence I needed to know it can be done and gave Felicia the credibility that she knows what she's doing. Felicia in a way saved my life as I seriously doubt I would have made it to 45 if I continued in the corporate environment. ~ Sonja, South Africa

Your adventure includes:

1-on-1 coaching – 3 months, 6 months, or single sessions

  • 45-minute calls – the 1st call will be 90 minutes
  • Meet by phone/Skype/Zoom depending on where you live
  • Email support between sessions

The calls are structured and open at the same time. My way of coaching is an intuitive mix of holding space for what is important to you and leading the way through the thoughts, energy, and social conditioning present in your life.

We’ll move through those layers so you can release the pressure that keeps you stuck in overwhelm. Together we’ll create strategies to deal with the never-ending influx of demands and expectations that can throw you off balance and leave you questioning yourself. You’ll be supported by someone who has walked this path herself. You’re never on your own as you take the actions (even the scary ones) to shift your life.

And if you’ve got a update, or need an in-the-moment pep talk, Voxer gives us an open communication channel for those ‘what should I do’ or ‘I’m so excited I have to tell someone’ moments. You’ll also have access to me through email.

Here’s what we will focus on:


  • Determine what needs to change so you can make space for what you really want.
  • Clear the clutter of the “shoulds” and “have tos” so you can minimize distraction and overwhelm.
  • Discover what balance looks like for you, based on your personality and circumstances.


  • Gain an understanding of how cultural expectations have contributed to your burnout.
  • Decide what cultural expectations feel right for you, and which ones don’t.
  • Liberate yourself from the cult of busyness so you can feel more radiant, grounded, and centered.


  • Learn to spot overwhelm so you can navigate yourself around it instead of feeling frazzled and frustrated.
  • Nourish yourself on a deep level with a self-care plan that is more than just preparation for the next thing.
  • Accomplish more of what you want by establishing a routine that aligns with your energy patterns.


Let’s hop on the phone for a strategy session. You bring the issue that is of most concern to you and I’ll bring the clarity you need to help you get free from burnout!

Felicia has a true talent, and I felt it right away. I've worked with many coaches, some incredibly well-trained and well-known. Felicia has that natural ability to not only listen deeply and understand wholeheartedly but to also right away point out a solution to a dilemma you are struggling with. Felicia is caring, very intelligent, strong, and she definitely can be a rock of clarity and great advice for anyone going challenges where the best next step isn't clear to them. ~ Solnishka, Hawaii
You have the power to push back from burnout culture and move through your life by a different set of rules… your own.

Systemic problems are not going to go away anytime soon, although if I had a magic dandelion they would. Until then you can choose to do things differently. Until then, you can claim sovereignty over your live and choose a different pace instead of keeping up with the pace.

Session Packages

Each of our calls will be about 60-minutes long. The multi-session options will also include between-session email support. Weekly or every other week appointments usually work best for most people, but we’ll figure out the schedule that works best for both of us.

Coaching Packages
I can also set up an alternative monthly payment plan that fits your needs.
Once payment has been made, I’ll send you a link to my calendar to schedule our first session.

During our time together, you’ll have a container in which to discover your own truth and work out the rules you want to live by. You’ll realize that you don’t have to hustle to be successful, especially if it’s at the expense of your well-being, your relationships, or engagement with your life. You’ll get support in prioritizing the things that really matter to you so you don’t have to wait until you’ve checked off all the items on your to-do list. You’ll have permission to be human and actually enjoy your life!

My coaching will save you hundreds of dollars and hours of time wasted by trying gimmicky quick fixes and one-size-fits-all solutions. Working with me is an investment that will pay dividends in terms of your peace of mind, inner strength and resilience, and confidence that you are doing what’s right for you.

Ready to get your life back?

Let’s hop on the phone for a strategy session. You bring the issue that is of most concern to you and I’ll bring the clarity you need to help you get free from burnout!

When you listen to the message of burnout, the life you were meant to live will begin to open up for you. You’ll stop trying to squeeze more productivity out of you and focus instead on prioritizing joy in your life. No more piling lots of things on your plate. No more blaming yourself for not being able to do all the things. You’ll create the life that you want, one that is sustainable and leaves room for rest and play. Without having to sell everything and move to an ashram.

If your Inner Wisdom is guiding you to that sustainable life now, and to deeper breakthroughs around burnout, reserve your personal
Anti-Burnout Strategy Session today!