Escape From Burnout

Start reclaiming your life

Everything you’ve been told about the perfect life is a lie.

If you’re finding it difficult or frustrating to even try to keep up with everything, you’re not alone.

There’s a major mental and physical health epidemic sweeping the nation and it has a visceral name: “burnout.” Research is mounting, every day, that shows how burnout can mess with an individual’s productivity, physical stamina and happiness.

As with most epidemics, burnout is so rampant because we have forgotten how to take care of ourselves and accurately hear what our bodies, and hearts, are telling us.

When we harbor feelings of inadequacy, make careless mistakes, and struggle to keep up with the fast pace around us, we blame ourselves.

We should be blaming our culture.

Sounds Familiar?

As a professional life coach with an educational background in psychology, I truly believe the culture of “perfection” has limited our self-empathy and caused us to believe that we must be the best at work, in family, and in life in general. The truth is that it is incredibly hard to maintain that agenda. It’s impossible!

Perfection is relative. Your life does not have to be perfect to someone else; it only needs to be perfect to you. I like to say that if you’re not accepting yourself, you work against yourself and if you’re working against yourself, you’re going to hit a wall. You’ll fall to the epidemic of burnout, quickly.

There is a cure and a prevention, however. It’s not easily found in “how-to” articles or magic vitamins. It’s learning to listen to yourself, recognize who you truly are and accepting yourself as the queen that you were meant to be.

It takes work but it’s so worth it. You have to believe that you are worth it as well. That’s not always easy, and that’s why I’m passionate about what I do through “Primed for Possibilities.”

My objective is to help womxn free themselves from impending burnout by coaching, motivating and helping you analyze the cultural narratives, personal convictions and choices that have led you to this point.

Burnout is not a crime, but it is a punishment for something that is not your fault. If you want to start the journey toward burnout recovery or prevention, I’d love to talk with you and help build a customized plan for you to stop overworking, overdoing and feeling exhausted every day.

Start feeling joy, confidence, and satisfaction again without moving to Tahiti… unless you want to. Let’s tackle the possibilities within an imperfect life, perfectly, and get free from burnout. For good.

Are you riding a train that’s hurtling towards burnout station?

Are you unsure of how you boarded the train in the first place? Do you feel powerless in getting off the train?

Feeling overwhelmed, depleted, irritated, self-critiquing, and having a restless mind are all signs that you’re going through burnout. Maybe you’re also experiencing an unnerving feeling that things aren’t working anymore. Maybe you feel like life isn’t turning out the way you anticipated. Maybe you look at your life and feel disappointed or discontent.

You also may not know what is wrong specifically. You may not know where this feeling is even coming from or why it has emerged. You know you have a chaotic schedule. You know you don’t get enough sleep. You know that it’s affecting not only your work performance but also your mental and physical health.

What you don’t know is where to pull back. Where will you find the time for self-care? Even if you did have the time, would you really be able to relax when you have a million things on your “to-do” list?

I want to tell you a secret: you don’t have to feel this way. There IS an escape from those feelings – and you don’t have to burn down your entire life and go and live off-grid in a cabin in the woods!

There’s a middle way. A way that protects you from the worst our work and ‘busy’ culture throws at you and gives you back the sense of control and peace. It may seem complicated now, but you and everyone else in this world have the power and sovereignty to live life the way you choose.

My Experience with Burnout

I know what it’s like to live and work in a culture in which we’re told to carry this burden, and to do so with a smile. I’ve experienced burnout multiple times in my corporate career, during times when there was non-stop work with no end in sight. When everything spun out of control no matter how hard I tried to keep up. When evenings and weekends were absorbed by more work demands.

I didn’t have the support I needed. I criticized myself for not being stronger, for not being able to handle it all. I compared myself to others who seemed to have it all together.

Each time I burned out, I knew something needed to change. At the risk of disappointing others, I stepped away as much as I needed to regain my bearings and feel human again. During the most stressful times, I practiced being kind to myself. I chose me. I let go of the pressure to do it all, and do it all perfectly. I asked for what I needed. Instead of pushing and striving, I created space so I could feel a sense of calm, peace and control, even as the rest of the world swirled around me.

Unfortunately the swirl of the world is not going to stop, at least not anytime soon. But we can step out of the swirl and find our way back to peace and serenity. We can find our way back to our souls and thrive without losing hope, without getting lost, without blaming ourselves.

This is the work I do. In addition to my personal experience with burnout, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and a Strategic Intervention coach certification. I’ve been coached as well by some of the finest coaches in the industry. I’ve spent many hours studying and researching burnout. I’ve also shared my journey in choosing me in 3 best-selling book anthologies.

The Truth about Burnout

The truth about burnout is that it’s not your fault. We live in a society that demands progression. A society where our time is divided amongst everyone, discluding ourselves. A society where hard work is demanded in order to survive.

The other truth about burnout, however, is that you don’t have to live by conventional societal norms. You possess all the tools you need to take back your life. You do, in fact, have the sovereignty to get off the burnout train to prevent your life from burning to the ground.

The tools you possess are waiting to be unlocked – all you need is a change in perspective and to integrate simple habits into your life.

Learning how to focus your attention a little differently and changing your habits can make a huge difference in your life. You can heal your burnout and move forward with more vigor, clarity, and awareness. This will not only help get your mental and physical health back, but it will, directly and indirectly, help you in other areas of your life.

I want to tell you there is a more sustainable life waiting for you on the other side of burnout. Even with a busy or chaotic schedule you can have more peace, clarity, radiance, and grace. The key is to keep your cool on the inside despite what’s happening in your environment.

My coaching focuses on empowering you to find the tools that exist within so that you can take back your life. I will guide you through the process of healing burnout and preventing it from bringing you down in the future.

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