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Felicia B.

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. ~ Ovid

Writer ~ Artist ~ Coach ~ Cat Herder ~ Cultural Misfit

I’m also a Culture Maker and because of that, here’s what I know and what I want you to know:


Burnout is 80% cultural.


If you’re feeling unproductive, or overwhelmed, or too tired to do one more thing, it doesn’t mean you’re lazy or you’ve failed.


Our culture pressures us to produce and consume, rinse and repeat. We produce in soul-sucking jobs that want us to give 110% or more. We go above and beyond to be the perfect spouse, parent, neighbor, worker. We develop unhealthy relationships with food or material things to have the joy or control we don’t feel at work or at home.


The constant pressure is exhausting. Trying to stay on top of anything and everything leads to overwhelm and burnout. Because no matter what you do, there’s always a demand to do more.


The truth is: you’re a hard-working soul and you want the best for yourself and your loved ones. You may be an overachiever and a perfectionist. You want to live your best life, and you’re doing your best to make that happen.


But it’s reached a point where enough is enough.


It’s time to stop working so hard and address the elephant in the room that is burnout, and how our culture contributes to it.


This is our work together.


I’m a personal coach who helps people hear the call of burnout so they can get their lives back. I specialize in working with womxn who are ready to recover from burnout and claim sovereignty over their lives. I help womxn navigate the sea of messages about perfectionism and relentless productivity while holding on to their sense of self.


In addition to providing 1:1 coaching and workshops, I write a lot about the causes and contributors of burnout because I want us to stop working against ourselves to prove our worth. I want us to stop shaming ourselves for not measuring up. I want us to stop feeling overwhelmed, with no light at the end of the tunnel.


This is helpful to my clients because they want to feel human again. They want to feel that they’re enough as they are.


I have a BA in Sociology, an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and a 20 year background in corporate America. I earned a Strategic Intervention Coach certification. I’ve also taken part in Martha Beck’s Wayfinder coach training. Throughout the years I’ve immersed myself in the fields of personal development, organizational development, and social critique. I’ve always had one foot in the world of technology and another in the creative and intuitive dimensions. I’m adept at navigating both. And in addition to herding cats, I’ve clocked many hours walking dogs.

Here’s what all this means for you

I have the deep training and experience to help you navigate this overwhelming world in a humane and sustainable way, one that recognizes your truth and your unique circumstances.


And despite, or because, of your unique circumstances, you can still integrate all aspects of yourself and show up as your whole self.


I know how much pressure we’re all under to live our best lives, so it’s super important to me that you feel supported, not pressured. I’m committed to exploring the intersection between the individual and the systems and structures we deal with every day. With this in mind, I’ll help you open up the space to uncover your truth so that you can make the changes you need to get free.

Speaking of change, I know how scary it can be.

Before I became a scholar and teacher in regards to handling change, I was a child of it. As the daughter of a military father, my world was one of constant uprooting and re-settling. Between different schools, towns, and continents, I developed the ability to wave and say goodbye to any continuity pretty easily. I was consistently blown by the winds of change. And that became the strength that I would couple with my passion for helping people later in my career. My unique adolescent upbringing gave me the ability to connect and relate to all types of people with all kinds of beliefs and cultures. Part of this came naturally, but when I decided to make this my life direction, I was committed to learning the educational tools to match my intuition and gift.


It wasn’t always easy. I too dealt with questions; I walked away from established settings, jobs and relationships to find my answers. The most significant change came in 2003, with the loss of my father—the man whose own decisions and answers in life had steered me towards developing a knack and passion for handling change.


However, I embraced this challenge with perseverance. Within the next five years, I had relocated and earned my Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology. A fire for helping others had been lit, and despite personal burnout and career transitions, it just wouldn’t be put out. After deep thought, I planted myself emotionally and dedicated my career towards personal coaching.


In 2016, I officially began my business as a coach where my authenticity and personal developments over the years could be applied toward helping others find their authenticity and happiness. This is where I can still be found today by those who are looking for their own answers.

Here’s where you can find me

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It’s time to stop the burnout and claim sovereignty over your life

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