Savoring the New Year

Just before and after the new year my inbox was inundated with emails about all the things I can do to make 2017 “the best year yet.” I’m not opposed to the idea. Not. At. All. It’s just that I’ve found I’m not really inclined to make the typical resolutions or spend half a day in some sort of new years vigil.

They might help me set the energy and intention for the year.

They might help me make better choices on what to focus on going forward.

But overall, I find it’s the daily actions and the daily intentions that matter regardless of the time of year. And it doesn’t have to be New Year’s Day before you turn over a new leaf. You can wait until February. You can wait until the Summer Solstice. You can wait until your birthday. You don’t have to succumb to the pressure of figuring it out all by December 31st, and getting it perfectly right on January 1st.

I’ve often found it quite strange that it’s at the darkest and coldest time of the year – at least in the Northern Hemisphere – that people set resolutions to “get in shape” and “quit smoking” or “find a new job.”

It’s dark, and in many places the weather’s not go great. And if it snows in the South, forget it. The entire area erupts into a frenzy at the mere mention of wintry weather. And IF it happens (snowfall here is unpredictable sometimes) everything comes to a complete standstill. Forget about going to the gym or even walking on the greenway, and the desire to light-up (and/or drink up) might arise with being stuck in the house.

At least it’s an opportunity to do some online job searching.

So despite my role as someone who encourages people to take charge of their happiness and follow their heart’s desires, I decided not to add to the pile of emails and blog posts already flooding the Internet. Until now. I did do a few quick posts on social media with pretty pictures. Because I like pretty pictures.

I do like to celebrate the coming of the new year, and my husband and I did just that by going to a James Bond theme party. While I’m not a fan of resolutions and intense goal-setting, I love the transition from the old to the new and enjoying a glass of champagne – or two. My whole life has been about transitions, so the passing of one year into the next always excites me.

I do resonate with the idea of creating a word of the year (in some circles, “WOTY”). “Dance” was my WOTY for 2016. I haven’t chosen one for this year yet. I might wait until February.

Because for me, January is an opportunity to savor the moments that follow after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It’s an opportunity to soak in the new year’s flavor. Explore what it feels like. What does this year want to be? What do I want our relationship to be like? I don’t expect it to conform to my expectations, any more than it wants to conform to mine. I know too well that life just doesn’t work that way. Neither does my marriage. Or my interactions with my cats.

I’ll share my WOTY when I have it. If you chose one, what is it? Or what would it be if you decided to have one? Please share in the comments below!


Felicia Baucom
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