A different approach to life and work

i said goodbye to coaching and am saying hello to what nourishes me

on making different choices

You might have arrived at this website from a book, podcast, or another website. But this website isn't what it used to be. I stopped promoting myself as a coach and archived the website. It was no longer a reflection of who I am. The coaching industry doesn't align with me.

I got off the hamster wheel of marketing, promoting, and advertising, and I’m focusing on other priorities.

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Physical Well-being

Prioritizing Physical Health and Wellness

My current focus is on improving my physical well-being. I often take walks and enjoy the sunshine and cooler weather while it lasts. Aerial yoga is a new activity I've been exploring. Getting plenty of rest has also been a crucial part of my routine.

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Mental Support

Rebuilding Myself: Addressing Personal and Systemic Trauma

I am currently in the process of deconstructing my past and working on healing from the harm I have faced both personally and systemically. This involves reading extensively and seeking out individuals who can offer care, validation, and support throughout my recovery journey.

Spa and Skincare Essentials

Spiritual Wellness

Discovering Myself Beyond Social Conditioning

For me, connecting with a higher power is only one part of the journey. I also find joy in sipping coffee, bonding with animals, and rediscovering my values. I often ask myself, "Who am I, stripped of all social conditioning?"

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issues with the coaching industry

Anyone who has been paying attention knows there are issues in the industry. Here are just a few of them:

  • unrealistic promises
  • overly saturated industry
  • unethical marketing practices
  • lack of concern with systemic issues

I may choose to share my detailed thoughts about these issues at a later time. There’s so much shouting on the Internet as it is. For now, I'm focusing on my priorities. I wanted to create this simple page to share some initial thoughts. If anything changes, I'll update it.

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