Escape burnout culture for good.

(without having to resort to ditching your life and going to live in a cabin in the woods)

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We live in a system where being good requires us to work hard and consume material things, get busy, stay busy, push through. Hustle.
We’re told that these things will lead to happiness and success.
In fact, it means that our culture is a setup for burnout.
This website is a resource for anyone who is struggling with overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout and are ready to rise out of the ashes and get their lives back. For good.

80% of burnout is cultural.

Meaning – it’s not your fault.

path to freedom

Sometimes you need a crash course in compassionate communication to find out what's keeping you stuck in overwhelm and burnout, that’s why I offer one-on-one coaching sessions—let’s talk about your possibilities.

events for change

We often stop searching for our freedom because we stop taking action; that’s why I offer national workshops and speaking engagements for those looking to take that first or next step.

freedom words

Freedom and possibility are such sweet sounding words to those on the quest for more, and my hope is that through my frequent writings that sound is amplified for all of those who need a literary boost in their week.


6 ways to escape from burnout

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